Year of the Toilet Roll, 2020

'Year of the Toilet Roll' was created in studio using a single toilet roll viewed through water droplets. To make these beautiful water droplets appear so plump and glossy, a touch of 'glycerol' was added. Ironically glycerol is one of the ingredients which can be used for making sanitiser, another product, along with toilet roll also in demand for 2020.
This digital image can be used to create a fantastic 'sign of the times' print, unique and interesting wall art for your toilet or bathroom, pass the time by counting bubbles and looking for differences, you could even use this as a screensaver for your phone or computer! Either way, this is a statement piece. The photographer, Louise Blake, owns all copyright for the original photograph and all variations of this image in whichever capacity it is used. Licenses can be purchased to use this image for either commercial or personal use / print or digital.